Big Grin’s House Party is an innovative, interactive half-hour television series that will entertain, engage, empower and educate pre-schoolers. It is part of an exciting multi-platform package.

The series is hosted by an animated DJ, Big Grin the Crocodile, and features real kids and guests, as well as a cast of wonderful animated characters. Every day is a party at Big Grin’s house!

Each half hour is divided into segments that can be aired either together or independently.

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Rainbow Fiesta
Each of these segments explores the wonders of diversity from a child’s perspective and teaches languages and culture in an interactive, dynamic way.
1) Meet Me – Each 2 minute episode we meet an animated child from a different culture and hear their story with a focus on celebrations like birthdays.
2) Sophie Says games – 2 minutes - learn languages (e.g. French, Spanish, Mandarin) imitating Sophie and her animated guest, then play the interactive game (like Simon Says)
3) BopStars - Big Grin plays a new age-appropriate song from a different culture/genre each episode. Party guests and the audience learn a fun international dance routine from a guest teacher (see demo of Reggae) for 3 minutes followed by a whacky 2 minute music video to dance, laugh and sing along to. .Sample songs include: Keep It Moving- hip hop, Head & Shoulders- street jazz, Yo Quiero- salsa, Reggaemania, Disco Fever, Mamae Eu Quiero- samba; Mandarin- ribbon dancing.

Reading Rocks
1) Alphabet Party – 4 minutes live action/animation - Learn letters and words of the day, hear real diverse kids’ explanations, see kids singing the ABC song, and our cool ABC music video.
2) Legends and Fables – read along with our beautiful animated stories including:

“The Legend of the Seven Colors”, “The Boy that called Croc” and “The Ant and the Chrysallis”

Chow Wow!
1) Hide The Broccoli - 1 minute live action healthy snack ideas, games, learn food requirements.
2) Mighty Vities - 2 minute animated stories about our Mighty Vity super heroes.

Arty Party 
1) Quick Draw – 2 minutes live action- game, arts & crafts, and show and tell.

Party Animals

  1. Pet Corner- 1 minute live action- find out about Belle the Cat, Little Grin and others
  2. Puppy Pals – 3 minute animation/live action stories about Chico the Labrador puppy and his brothers and sisters as they discover the world.

Giggles & Gags

  1. Big Grin’s jokes and  funny clips

Big Grin’s Garden Party
1)  Big Grin and Pinkie the animated flower explore science and ecology in Big Grin’s beautiful garden.

The series fosters enquiry, creativity, self-confidence, literacy, respect, development (emotional, cognitive, physical) and active healthy living through laughter, experience, play, dance, art and music.

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